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We specialise in roller shutters for Adelaide homes, and have done for over twenty-five years. We understand the importance of keeping your home secure, controlling your energy use and protecting it from extreme weather, and our roller shutters are designed and made to do just that.

buy roller shutters in Adelaide

Strong and dependable
All of our roller shutters are manufactured from high-grade aluminium with a baked enamel finish, are constructed as a system of interlocking slats and feature an internal locking mechanism. This means they are incredibly tough, very long-lasting and can stand up to great deal of force, so your home gains an extra layer of security. You can also choose to have additional key locks as well.

Remote control operation
We design roller shutters so that they can either be manually operated, using a winder and strap system, or by remote control.

Low maintenance
We manufacture our roller shutters so that they give you years of trouble-free operation and are simple to maintain and keep clean. And as your roller shutters open fully, you gain easy access to the glass underneath in order to clean your windows.

Control your energy use
Our roller shutters are insulated with high-density polyurethane, which means you can more effectively control the temperature inside your home. It won’t heat up as quickly or as dramatically in summer, while during the winter warmth inside is better retained, and as a result you reduce the amount of energy required to both cool and heat your home. This significantly cuts the size of your electricity and gas bills, while also effectively reducing your carbon emissions.

Reduce noise levels and increase privacy
We manufacture our roller shutters so that they significantly reduce the amount of noise that is able to permeate your home. When your shutters are fully closed, you also have complete privacy. Ideal if you live in a busy area, near a main road, or just enjoy peace and quiet, our fully-insulated roller shutters can markedly improve your overall quality of life.

Suitable for all types of Adelaide home
Our unrivalled experience in manufacturing and installing roller shutters means that we can design shutters to be fitted in virtually any type of home in just about any location.