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roller shutters for Adelaide businessesThe glass windows and doors in office, manufacturing and retail premises can be very susceptible to damage as a result of vandalism, break-ins, and storms or extreme weather. Under any of these situations, your business premises can be left vulnerable as result of windows being smashed or damaged, while shattered glass can also pose a health risk to employees and damage to valuable stock.

Protect your commercial premises

We are experts in manufacturing roller window shutters and door shutters that add an extra layer of security to your valuable property. Our premium-quality roller shutters prevent both damage to glass windows and doors, while also acting as a barrier against would-be intruders. Made from high-grade aluminium, they are resistant to extreme force and attempts to prise or jemmy them open, meaning your office or retail premises are safe and secure when unattended. They also act as a highly-effective visual deterrent.

Suitable for all types of Adelaide businesses

With over twenty-five years’ experience in the manufacture and installation of roller shutters for all types of commercial premises, we are industry leaders in offering roller shutter solutions to the business community. We are able to fit roller shutters on windows and doors in all types of commercial and business premises:

  • shops
  • offices
  • business parks
  • storage facilities
  • garages
  • factories
  • workshops
  • warehouses