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Roller shutters are strong, durable and provide enhanced security
At Direct Shutters, our roller shutters for windows and doors are made from high-grade aluminium and are constructed as a series of interlocking slats. They are also fitted with an  internal locking mechanism, and we offer the option of key locking as well. All of this combines to ensure that our shutters are extremely strong and durable, and as they can withstand extreme force and can’t be prised or jemmied open, they are very effective at protecting your home or business premises.

Reduce your home energy bills
Our roller shutters are insulated with high-density polyurethane, allowing you to control the temperature indoors more effectively. In summer, this means that not only do roller shutters protect your window glass from direct sunlight, but there is no need to run air conditioning for as long or as often, as cooled air is retained inside your home. Alternatively, in winter, insulated roller shutters reduce your heating costs as the added insulation means that heat is not able to escape as easily. Having roller shutters installed in your Adelaide home can therefore impact positively on both your home energy costs and your carbon emissions.

Roller shutters continue to look great for many years
We manufacture our roller shutters with a baked enamel finish. This means that the colours don’t fade, and they are scratch resistant. Therefore, you can be confident that your roller shutters will continue to enhance the look of your home or commercial premises for many years to come. 

Protect against bushfires and storm damage
Our roller shutters are also manufactured to be strong enough to protect your home from storm damage, while for those people living in bushfire-prone regions of Adelaide and South Australia, we can custom-make fire-resistant shutters that are able to withstand to withstand Bushfire Attack Level 40 (BAL40).