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We can manufacture and install roller shutters that are operated using the OZRoll Drive System (ODS), which enables you to operate your roller shutters via remote control using a battery-powered system.

oz roll drive system roller shutter remote

OZRoll E-port controller
The OZRoll Drive System doesn’t require an electrician to install it as it’s a low-voltage battery-operated system that doesn’t run off mains power. The E-port controller that is used to control the operation of your window and door shutters is a small and unobtrusive rechargeable power pack that sits in a wall plate on the wall alongside each shutter. The battery, which is rechargeable, will enable you to open and close your shutters between 30 - 40 times before it needs to be charged again.

As it operates independently of mains power, the E-series OZRoll Drive System is not affected in an emergency, such as a bushfire or severe weather event, when electricity can be cut off. You are therefore still able to open or close your roller shutters in these conditions as required. 

Recharging your remote control is simple
Recharging the OZRoll Drive System remote control unit is a straightforward process. You will be alerted as to when recharging is necessary by an indicator light (although when he light first appears, the unit will continue to work a few more times). You then remove the E-port controller from its wall plate, and then plug in into any power socket using the charger supplied. 

Easy to use remote control unit
A further advantage of the OZRoll Drive System is that there is no need to have tapes or winders installed inside your home. Rather, you can control all of the functions of your roller shutters using a compact remote control unit and simply clicking a button. Shutters can be stopped or started in any position, just as you might with a manually-operated system.

Control more than one shutter
You also have the option of choosing an E-port controller that allows you to operate more than multiple roller shutters from the same remote control unit. The E-trans RF (radio frequency) unit is powered by a long-lasting batter and so recharging is not required. 

Already got shutters? No problem
If you already have roller shutters installed in your home, but would like to make the switch to remote control, it’s easy and straightforward to do so. We can fit an OZRoll E-series operating system to existing roller shutters without ben needing to remove them, so there is very little inconvenience involved.