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During a storm or extreme weather event, it’s not uncommon for broken tree branches and other debris to be blown about at great speed. This can cause considerable damage to homes and business premises, shattering glass in windows and doors and leaving properties open to the elements.

Withstand the worst Adelaide weather
We design, manufacture and install roller shutters that are designed to withstand the worst the Adelaide weather can throw at them. Constructed from robust and durable high-grade aluminium, our roller shutters are strong enough to prevent flying debris or heavy hail from being able to to damage your glass windows and doors, so adding a substantial extra layer of protection to your home.

Made and measured so they don’t rattle
In addition, our expert manufacturing and installation skills means that your roller shutters won’t rattler or shake in high winds, so even the heaviest night time storm won’t interrupt a good night’s sleep. In addition, they can be closed quickly and easily (either manually or by remote control) in the face of an impending storm, which means you won’t suddenly be caught out. 

CSIRO cyclone standards
To cope with the most extreme  weather, we can custom-make roller shutters that conform to Australian CSIRO cyclone standards.