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Security doors add a valuable layer of home security
A good quality security screen door is a valuable aid in protecting your home from intruders. Therefore, it’s important that your security door adheres to the appropriate national standards. 

Australian Standard AS5039
AS5039 is the Australian Standard that applies to security screens for windows and doors. This refers to the materials that must be used in its manufacture and the overall strength and integrity of the door. Our security screen doors adhere to this standard and so you can feel assured that the doors that we produce will be of sufficient quality to help to protect your home from intruders. 

High standards of fitting and installation are crucial
The installation of security screen doors is covered by Australian Standard AS5040. The overall strength of your door, and therefore its effectiveness, is reliant on the integrity of the frame and the use of strong and appropriate fastenings and hinges. We are vastly experienced in the installation of screen doors, and we always use robust materials in our custom-made screen doors that ensure they can’t be prised open or off its hinges. 

High-quality construction
Our security screen doors are made from high-quality, tempered aluminium which is extremely strong and durable as well as being corrosion resistant. Our doors are manufactured with heavy duty, extruded aluminium corner stakes (not inferior plastic ones) and this means that the corners of our doors can’t be prised open. Therefore, our doors are not only strong and tough, they look secure as well, and act as a strong visual deterrent to would-be intruders. 

Diamond grille mesh patterns
We manufacture security screen doors with either a diamond or a double diamond grille pattern. The thickness of the strands is 7mm and we ensure that the mesh is firmly riveted in place around the frame of the door. The mesh that we use is strong enough to resist cutting or slashing, and we can also install one-way mesh that means anyone outside can’t see in to your home.

diamond grille security door

Our security screen doors are fitted with a triple-lock system, which means that when the key is turned in the lock, the door is secured in three places—top, middle and bottom—for extra security, Solid steel hooks on the locking mechanism ensure that the door and frame are closely locked together in place. We use premium quality hinges and fastenings so that your locked security door is able to stand up to the use of significant force.

security door lock