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protect your home with security doorsWindow grilles need to be robust if they’re going to add to your home security. All of our window grilles adhere to Australian Standard AS5039-2008 which means they are strong and durable enough to protect your home against intruders and extreme wether conditions. 

High quality materials
Our custom-made window grilles are made from high-grade extruded aluminium making them both strong and corrosion resistant. We are proud of the fact that our security window grilles last for many, many years and require little or no maintenance. 

Strong and able to withstand a great deal of force
You need window grilles that are able to withstand a great deal of force, whether that be someone trying to force their way in or objects being thrown at them. They also need to be strong enough to be able to resist being prised or jemmied off, so that your windows are protected against both vandalism and forced entry. The premium quality aluminium mesh that we use in our custom-made window grilles is also able to resist cutting or slashing.

Able to fit existing windows
We measure and install security window grilles that fit your existing windows precisely and so there is no need to make any alterations in order to have them put in place. We can also produce them in a range of colours to blend in with your decor.

No compromise on your view
The aluminium mesh that we use in our window grilles allows you to have clear views out but at the same time you can limit the degree to which people can see into your home. Therefore, your personal privacy is enhanced without any compromise to your lifestyle.